Days and Nights

Somehow I seem to have turned my personal clock, and my own circadian rhythms upside down lately.  I am either bored, or melancholic during the day, and I end up taking naps.

Then… some nights, like last night, I end up sitting at my computer screen until 2:00am… and then waddling off to bed… hopefully to sleepie-pie land.  But last night… I could not sleep.  So, I stayed there… my head tucked in the fluffiness of my pillow, and listened to what is played overnight on NPR.  The BBC World “feed.”

Interesting interviews… and of course, now that we’re in the middle of it… more and more news and commentary about what is going on in Egypt.  I ended up doing that… as I had no luck falling asleep… and finally got up about 6:45am.

I had several cups of coffee… which is supposed to keep me awake.  I watched about an hour of “Morning Joe”… watched some more news, had a bowl of chicken soup for breakfast, and then… finally felt tired enough… so back to bed I went… and finally got up about 10:45am.  About a two-hour nap.

Today… this afternoon… I watched the movie GroundHog Day… most appropriately.  I may have dozed just a tad while watching it, but have not had another nap… which is to say I have managed not to retreat back to the sheltered womb of my bed and my pillow… and taken another nap.

So far… the morning nap, and a short ”resting my eyes” while the movie was on.

So… how to sleep tonight ?  Or, will I sleep tonight ?  Or will I do what I usually do… which is park myself in front of this screen… try and find some Blogger or WordPress tutorials to read or watch, or try and figure out how to replace the default ”themes” with ones that are more interesting, and more “me.”

I am tired.  I am bored.  I am yawning.  I am fighting taking a nap.  I can do this.  Mebbe.


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